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July 5, 2011

This is not a newspaper of any kindOur goal is two fold: 

1.  Bring to our readers, accompanied by irrefutable proof, multiple exposé's showing

that someone we trusted to help us has instead been helping themselves.

2.  Bring to our readers on a continual basis many wonders that have been and are continuing to be discovered by

science in multiple fields.  These findings will be so amazing as to defy belief.


When News Was Real

[way back in the days of old]

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    Stunning, Strange, Life Changing, Unbelievable, but True.                                       


                  The path less traveled is also very painful and stunningly heartbreaking 






                          [March 3, 2003]                                                               


    [Yes I know; this story is quite dated but I'm going to leave it there just because it is what should have happened ...and didn't].                             




                          George needs to go to jail.  No really, George needs to go to jail.                                  




    Really, why is former president George  Bush not in Jail?   He has admitted in public and in front of  witnesses that he authorized the torture of other human beings and would do it again if needed.     





    Regardless of one's personal feelings about such things, they are feloniously illegal all across the civilized world.  Perpetrators of similar crimes are at this very moment spending 5 years to life in a one celled, shit for a floor prison for "being found guilty" of similar misdeeds and other 'crimes against humanity'.









    Why, Why, Why is George  Bush not in Jail?  He is personally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths




    of old men, women and thousands of children.





    Oh I know; one can say, "we don't put our presidents in jail.  We do say that no man is above another but with the president it's got to be different.  No it doesn't.  He's not immune.  If he can committee a felony and not go to jail



    then every Americans citizen should be able to do the same thing.   This sounds like the same old crap the "little" guy has been taking for decade after decade after decade.   From strong attitudes around the country one gets the feeling that kind of 'authoritarian rule' just isn't going to work anymore.





    I [we] better start seeing some 'perp' walks pretty soon and I mean pretty damn soon. 




    Where's the FBI?  They've got their own problems but I can guarantee that if they went down and did their job; arrested and cuffed that sissified, cheer leading, cackling little coward and let the rest of the country watch him blubber his way into the patty wagon  ---  the whole country would stand up and show their pride for days on end at the one authority who knew what to do. 



    George you are going to have to go to jail.  We just don't see how it can wash out any other way.     











    June 1st - 2011





    The above commentary was written a year or more ago.  It looks like nothing punitive is going to happen to George; although there are several countries to which he cannot travel.  George Bush, our former president George Bush is considered a 'war criminal' in those countries and will be arrested if he should visit.   Yes Mr. Bush has some similarities to Ratko Mladić arrested recently for 'crimes against humanity' during the Bosnian war.









    Science News


       Technology is the Magic of Today       



    A new mechanism that has the potential to change the paradigm of psycho-social therapy



                      Non-Invasive Brain Treatment     





    [This information is taken wholly from the United States Patent & Trademark Office]                                                                                                





    Using a lower level of ultrasound KHz with the distinct advantage of a narrow beam is shot through the skull casing onto a predetermined location of the brain known to be causing cerebral difficulties.  An electromagnetic beam is then 'coerced into the pathway of the ultrasound causing it to follow through the same corridor previously 'cleared' by that ultrasound thus making contact with the brain at the exact same location.  After manipulating changes in power, stratum and measure of both ultrasound and electromagnetism, the brain surface area to be worked on can be telescoped down to as small as one centimeter.  The reason this is now possible relates directly to the ultrasound being enmeshed with the electromagnetism.  This ability is one of the major reasons for EBA being the first and only instrument of its kind to have full success in multiple clinical trials. Electromagnetism has a scattered emission field which simply cannot target or treat any brain locale to a volume less than several tens of cubic centimeters at best. This is primarily where the considerable enhancement of EBA becomes obvious over all other similar mechanism utilized for similar purposes.  And we note hear that the Behavior Research Institute owns all patent rights to any and all combinations of ultrasound and electromagnetism for any purpose having in any measure to do with the brain and all the myriad of its responsibilities.  This scientific and legal fact allows for  EBA to step to the front of the line in reference to its long sought after goal of treating as many children in early childhood development suffering from a broad array of mental abnormalities  as is humanly possible.  If we do no more than this it will be fine.





    All of us have been working on this shared goal for so long we've turned around to discover we've grown old in the process of our work.  It is a good way to grow old.  We have accomplished our main objective.  Consequently, We will go ahead with plans to make contact to 'target' corporations in the  U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Netherlands that have indicated interest in an instrument such as ours and the door is also open to any other corporations who might have a strong commitment and desire manufacture these EBA instruments and ship them to where they are needed most.  The proposition for sale or long term lease of all patented materials and accessories will have a starting date of June 1st  and come to an official closing on September 1st.   If a legal contract with all parties satisfied does not occur by September 1st; then we hear at BRI will put our 'Thinking Caps' back on to initiate an aggressive manufacturing process along with marketing and shipping schematics. [BRI also owns all trademark right to the phrase "The Thinking Cap®] which can be a bit of an advantage from time to time]  By late February, 2011, if most things fall into place, we should be ready to start opening as many "Brain Treatment Clinics" as we can afford.  We have all the facilities, experienced staffing, master level psycho-diagnosticians, doctoral level licensing, and major neuroscience onsite and consultant brain trusts. We will probably start with one to three clinics to begin with so that those who need treatment can get it as soon as possible; then slowly add on more staff and more clinic laboratory combinations as long as we have the funds to do so. 



    The primary system and chronology for the procedure of treating our patients is to first reach and begin 'bathing' the specific area we pre-determined was the trouble spot with both ultrasound and electromagnetism for a minimum of 30 minutes per session for three sessions per week for at least six weeks.  This is the meticulously path for achieving results in the cerebral improvement we are seeking.  Final determination is calculated only after taking into consideration the tangible testing itself, is the abnormality in question, patient condition, intelligence  and degree and abilities concerning social interactions.  This information is taken wholly from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


    Latest info from BioTech Today

    'Electromagnetic Brain Animation

    Patent ownership has been given a potential price tag in the vicinity of ell for up to 100 million dollars

    We are making an attempt to 'gear' back up again soon.  Hopefully, within a comparatively short period

    of time we will garner enough readers so that they will have influence, at least to a small extent, in order fight and bring into

    the light, enormous amounts of corruption and 'big business' homicides that take place in  our society every single day.

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